UAE Remote Work Visa

People can now work from anywhere in the world thanks to the global pandemic that has changed our work lifestyle. With its new remote working visa, the UAE caters to these new-age workers.

The remote working visa is available for applications as part of the UAE visa reforms.

The Virtual Work Residency Dubai

Dubai has established this new scheme allowing overseas remote working professionals to live in Dubai while serving their employers in their home country.


Whom does this program seek to help?

This program seeks to help the public and private sectors improve work-life balance, increase productivity, and improve the business environment.


Declaration of UAE Remote Work Visa

Terms & Conditions

What does this move allow?

The move allows remote workers and their families to relocate to one of the world's leading tourism and business destinations and enjoy a secure and high-quality lifestyle.


Impact of Remote Working Visa

UAE's digital infrastructure and location as a Middle East travel hub allow foreign nationals to work from within the country without a local employment contract.


The UAE has launched a virtual work visa program to attract talented ex-pats. Depending on the region where they wish to work, ex-pats may follow a specific process. In addition to attracting professionals, the UAE virtual work visa will likely strengthen the country's resources.

Currently, remote work visas in the UAE last for one year. This visa allows ex-pats to enter the country under their sponsorship. By obtaining a UAE virtual work visa, an individual can work remotely in the UAE in accordance with the regulations stipulated in the visa.

What is a remote work visa?

The Virtual Working Programme, also known as a remote work visa, is valid for one year. A holder of this arrangement can work remotely for their current company or organization and relocate to Dubai from outside the UAE. Furthermore, it will allow foreigners to enter the UAE on their initiative and work under the terms and conditions of their visa.

The one-year visa was explicitly designed to facilitate remote workers, entrepreneurs, and other location-independent individuals living and working in Dubai. Additionally, if the UAE approves the individual's application for residency in Dubai, they may bring their family too.

What are the eligibility criteria to obtain a virtual work visa in UAE?

A remote work visa is available for expatriates who meet the eligibility requirements in the UAE. Applicants can expect expedited approval if all documents are in order and the application is submitted in accordance with the rules.

To apply for the program, an applicant must have a valid passport with a minimum of six-month validity and good health insurance covering his stay in the UAE.

If the applicants are employees, they must:

  • Obtain a one-year contract from their current employer to prove employment;
  • Obtain a salary of at least USD 5,000 per month.
  • Provide the salary slip and bank statements for the previous three months.


For a visa to be issued, the following conditions must be met:

  • The amount invested must not be loaned.
  • The investment should be retained for a minimum of three years
  • AED 10 million in financial solvency is needed

If the applicants are the owner of a business, they must:

  • Provide proof of one year or longer ownership of the company.
  • Have a monthly salary of USD 5,000 on average
  • Provide the salary slip and bank statements for the previous three months.

What are the Benefits of a Remote Work Visa?

You can obtain all services through the virtual working program, such as telecommunications, utilities, medicines, and education. Additionally, residents of Dubai have access to a seamless and robust digital infrastructure and networking opportunities worldwide, and there are no income taxes.

Moreover, Dubai has a highly advanced digital infrastructure, a global network, and no income tax.

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